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What is EVOSIM?

EVOSIM is the
provider of high-quality and global mobile communication, which is available in 190+ countries of the world to every user with any device.

Do you want to always stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues, even when you are away from home? EVOSIM is your solution.

You get the opportunity to choose the most suitable tariff plan of the
service for you at the optimal cost, which is 87% cheaper than roaming services of well-known operators.

Our mission

EVOSIM mission is to provide all travelers with the ability to stay connected anywhere, anytime, and freedom from roaming restrictions.

Our main values

Convenience and speed

At a time when most communications take place online, it is very important to always be in touch. We provide
service for global access to fast mobile internet without overpayments.

High user security

By choosing EVOSIM, you no longer need to desperately look for a free Wi-Fi hotspot at the airport or cafe upon arrival in another country. Choose a secure internet connection from any device and enjoy high network speeds from the best one of


We are
company that strive to keep pace with the active development of technology and implement the possibility of gamification. Each user can earn cryptocurrency tokens and use them to connect a new tariff plan or extend an existing one.

Global mobile communication at affordable prices is possible with EVOSIM

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